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My giveaway prizes!( results are in!)

My giveaway prizes!( results are in!)
Ok, yankees_pride was nice enough to get all the names for me so I was able to get the results a little faster! So with out further delay your winners!!

1st place - Tdog4468! Congrats my friend let me know which of the 2 cards you would like, the JoFer or the Ripken. Thanks for playing!

2nd place - Buckles2335! Congrats! I'll open a trade with you tonight and get that beauty of a mantle sent out to ya! Thanks for playing Smile

Here is a screen capture of the winners and also of the bottom showing it was ran 10 times. Thanks everyone for participating and showing the great cards off! It was a blast!

[Image: C91D9026-0D23-4F42-8AAA-CD0B6406C70D_zpszo38pm3g.png]
The second place winner gets this beauty -
[Image: 89E64132-BB8B-4687-B817-8E7EB0E39B22_zpsatn2qrqb.png]

[Image: 4C0300D4-D49E-43B7-A54D-02CC11CE69F3_zpsap4hkiut.jpg]

And first place gets to pick between these two gorgeous cards!

[Image: 1F8D5360-6CD7-45FF-BA00-0DBD69523754_zpszxdkp2cs.jpg]

[Image: B6CDDD9D-D425-46AF-8262-246977A6DF39_zpspkweum22.jpg]

Good luck to everyone! And I will post a list of all the entries and a picture of the randomizer that shows the winners as well!

Thanks for partaking.
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2014 Topps 1989 Die Cuts - 119/150 - 79.3%

RE: My giveaway prizes!
Wow bro. That is amazing!!! Hope I'm on top. But. Thank you regardless.

RE: My giveaway prizes!
You really stepped up with the prizes, thanks for the contest
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RE: My giveaway prizes!
Thanks a lot for the contest. Even if I don't win, I appreciate your generosity. I hope my thumbnail makes the cut. Have a Happy New Year.

RE: My giveaway prizes!
That jofer will look good in my pc!! Lol. Fingers crossed. And the Mantle wouldn't hurt either.

RE: My giveaway prizes!
nice prizes good luck to all.ty for contest

RE: My giveaway prizes!
Holy hell that Ripken is awesome, your bringing out the big guns! Whatever happens pretty awesome of you!
[Image: drdwe0.jpg]

RE: My giveaway prizes!
WHOA. You are amazingly generous! All of those cards are awesome!

RE: My giveaway prizes!
Whoa! Didn't expect prizes like this! I was just having fun posting my cards and looking at others! Thanks for the contest!

Got my fingers crossed!
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RE: My giveaway prizes!
That mantle is sweet

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