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Dealing with members with zero posts or by TRADE MESSAGE

RE: Dealing with members with zero posts or by TRADE MESSAGE
floydtown Wrote:
Although there are reputable members who only trade by PM, the trade system messages and/or have zero posts, they are the minority. Please do your due diligence when trading with members who use the above.....I have seen a huge uptick in bad trades where members have zero posts or get a trade offer. A lot of these are banned members who create 2nd accounts and never post so they will not be discovered or sometimes are able to trade but not post. At the very least search that member to see if BANNED is under their username.
BaseballNut99 Wrote:
What about someone who just joined? What if those people have low post counts? Are you going to accuse in the bad trade bunch? Some people just read the board and don't post. Are you going to encourage others to not trade with people like that?
floydtown Wrote:
Did you not read the very 1st sentence of the post you Quoted? I would read the original post again.

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