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Panini Red White Blue Prizm RC's ?
Curious if anyone know 2 things

1) These are obviously SP's as i have opened 14 Rack Packs and only pulled 3, but does anyone know how much of a SP they are?

2) Do you think or know if panini will give us an idea of how short printed they are?

I have a Bridewater and a Manziel and have only seen one Bridgewater and 2 Manziel's so I am hoping they are SSP, but the way Panini does things you never know.

thanks for the help
Wish I could help. I was in a case break, and we didn't see any at all. They must just be retail. If you look for card checklists on google, sometimes you can find sites that list what the chance are of finding them, if that helps any.
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I am almost positive that the Red White Blue prizm (no auto) are only in retail rack packs, the racks give you 4 total packs, 1 being a pack with 3 red white blue cards. Out of those Red White Blue packs, I heard a RC comes 1 : 12 packs. So I would imagine they are SP, but I guess the real question is HOW SP'd are they.
I am not sure if they are really SPs. You say they are obvious SPs because you opened 14 packs and got 3 rookies. You also heard that the rookies are 1:12 packs. If they were 1 in 12 than you beat the odds pretty well in getting 3 in 14 packs. Considering the set has 300 cards and 100 of them are rookies, one might expect that 1 out of every 3 cards would be a rookie (thus 1 per pack of 3 cards). However collation isn't perfect like that, so you might not get one even if you opened 10 packs or you could get 5 of them after opening only 2 packs.
Personally I haven't opened any racks of Prizm this year, so I can't be certain. The only thing I know if that Panini's collation can be very streaky. Sometimes you are on the good side of the streaks and other times you get hosed.
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Red, White and Blues are only in rack packs and you only get 3 per. You don't always get a rookie either. It's not that they are SSP, it's just the way they are distributed. In regular packs you are guaranteed a rookie but not in the special red packs. It's just Random Prizms. Like djohn said, to get 3 in 14 packs if the odds are 1:12, is pretty good. Especially since you got Manziel and Bridgewater.

Now where you may have SSPs, however, is in your photo variation of those players. Manziel and Bridge each have 5 different photo variants. If you google Prizm Rookie Variations, you can find a breakdown of all of them from base to SSP.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the help guys. I think the odds are 1 :12 of the extra (RED-Target/Blue-Walmart) pack in each rack pack. not 1:12 in the regular packs. So in essence you get a RC 1 in every 12 Rack packs. I was just curious because so many red white blue prizms have been listed , but so few of the RC RED White Blues are showing up. But again, I appricate the insight. The Red White Blue don't seem to have the variations fo the photos for the RC's, Only a few Retired players like Favre, Warner

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