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Which Cards To Grade

Which Cards To Grade

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions as to which of my cards (generally speaking) I should grade first. I know it all depends on the grade and the card but in general. I am of course first getting my 86-87 Jordan Fleer Rookie Card graded first but then what brings in the most money when selling?
-22-24 Karat Gold Foil Cards (Jordan, Griffey, Steve Largent)?
- Ken Griffey Jrs?
- Jordan Cards?
- Baseball Cards ?
- Basketball Cards ?
- Football Cards ?

I have mostly all players from the 80s-2000s for Basketball and Baseball as well as a few baseball players from the 60s & 70s. Carl Yas., Carlton Fisk to name a few).

Or do i just search the most valuable cards and try to find those. Smile

I have a giant card collection but i'm new to the grading game!@!

RE: Which Cards To Grade
Grade the cards that you feel will get the best grades.
I collect Marcus Allen! Link below to my BGS Football bucket but I have plenty of other cards as well in other folders and not in bucket. Shoot me a PM on anything.


RE: Which Cards To Grade
Remember if you can spot any flaws in it, the grader will for sure spot them!
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RE: Which Cards To Grade
I've never graded anything for selling purposes, myself. I've bought and turned graded cards, and I've bought graded cards for my PC, but when I get cards graded they are always for me.
I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

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