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need help finding a card!

need help finding a card!
I have ken griffey jr 2002 collectors club card. It has a game used bat on it and the # is JR-B. I've looked up every combo possible and cant find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

RE: need help finding a card!
pictures would make this easier

RE: need help finding a card!
Again..from Beckett website
They are listed in OPG under 2002 upper deck collector

2002 Upper Deck Collectors Club #MLB3 Ken Griffey Jr.

These cards were distributed in May, 2002 via mail exclusively to members of Upper Deck's Collectors Club program as part of their Starter Kit. Each member received a 20-card complete set plus a memorabilia cards wrapped in clear plastic cello, an Upper Deck baseball cap and a club membership card. Members received a quarterly newsletter with features on upcoming products and sample cards. In addition, if members attended a card show in which Upper Deck had a corporate presence, they could show their membership card to a UD staffer and receive complimentary items.

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