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I have cards disappearing in my ORG, again

I have cards disappearing in my ORG, again
For some reason, Beckett likes to mysteriously remove hundreds of cards from my ORG. I recently added all my PC cards to a new collection - I still have the old collection, have NOT deleted it - and when I did so, a large portion of my PC cards from 2008 have simply disappeared. Not all, but about 90-95% are no longer in my ORG. They aren't in any collection or the "ALL Items" collection.

This exact same thing happened several months ago. It's really frustrating to pay for a service, spend countless hours adding and arranging, then have it deleted/removed/who knows what, certainly not the Beckett IT people every so often.

I did not delete these cards and they were there one minute, then an hour later they weren't.

I don't expect much help, just wondering if this was happening to anyone else
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RE: I have cards disappearing in my ORG, again
I had a card disappear the other day when I added it to a collection. I tried many things to get it back but it was a ghost. I clicked on the blue help tab on the right of the screens and sent an email to support. This morning, my card is back. Now, I am not saying that the email to support is what caused the card to appear again since they never responded to it but, at least the ghost card is back.
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