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Ron Harper Wantlist

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
unfortunately, the Harper on the Jam Session is the corner card and the corner is dinged up quite a bit ;(
[Image: 20170218_171814.jpg]
[Image: 20170218_171846.jpg]
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RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Thanks for the hoops sheet, knocked another one off my list!

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Found an awesome card, and it's on its way from Germany to its new home!!!

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Updated my Ron Harper wantlist. Please let me know if anyone out there has anything for me!!

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Haven't updated in about half a year. Updated now but not much has changed. Still looking for a lot of these cards!

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Hitless 4 month bump

RE: Ron Harper Wantlist
Welp, it's been almost a year since my last bump. Knocked a few off the list since that time, but still looking for the rest. I updated my first post, but really I'm interested in anything that is rare/unique enough that it's not listed on eBay, Becket, or COMC. Hit me up if you have/see something please


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