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LTTF Joc Pederson / Corey Seager chrome autos
Anyone have any that would look good in my PC? Will dip into my dodgers PC to make a trade happen if there are any dodger fans out there.
[Image: KErsahw1fw_zpsd1e78d4f.png]
At the national I pulled a 2014 relic auto refractor of joc if interested?!
Got a scan?
[Image: KErsahw1fw_zpsd1e78d4f.png]
(08-04-2014, 07:25 PM)Thebulldog55d Wrote: Got a scan?
It's a... Wait for it... Wait for it... Surprise, Surprise... Redemption. Thanks topps. Smh. On the other hand. Any interest? Smile

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