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Need USPS Help...Package Shipped, Stuck at Sort Facility
Hey guys! I competed a trade with a guy that doesn't really appear on the boards, just found the cards I was looking for by seeing who had the cards. Anyway, I got my end of the trade from him. However, and I'm glad I shipped via PayPal so that I could provide a tracking number, the package says it was scanned at the sort facility on June 3rd but it hasn't gone anywhere thereafter and the guy I traded with says he hasn't received the cards. I believe him, but I don't know what to do.

Does anyone have experience with this and what did you do? Thanks!
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Have had it happen to us a few times.A certain p.o. in our area seems very slow or has lazy people.Cards eventually move and have all arrived safely.
I've also had it happen a handful of times...Illinois and Florida every time for some reason, lol. Anyhow, all packages eventually arrived safely, though in one instance it was a high end card and the guy I bought it from actually called the facility and got it moving that way. All other cases, no calls were made and packages did eventually move on.
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