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for those who I have deals with

for those who I have deals with
Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop a mass message to everyone I am dealing with currently and apologize for any delay in our deals. This past week we had to move my grandmother, the woman who raised me, into hospice and I had to travel to be there with the family. Hopefully we can work out some deals when I return.

To those of you who I have deals that were accepted, I do have your packages packed and I am going to take them to the post office Wednesday/Thursday. Thanks again!

[Image: logo1_zpsad67d293.jpg]

11-12 UD Hockey w/ YGs: 438/500 (88%)

DO NOT TRADE LIST: chargers2427, mrmagnum75

RE: for those who I have deals with
If your interested? I would still love that quad, if you see something you like? Shot me a trade
Looking mostly for HOF players.....game used, rc, #D, autos, and mike Schmidt autos and game used

[Image: image_zpsd3640c04.jpg]

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