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WTTF 70’s OPC Hockey

WTTF 70’s OPC Hockey
I am looking to build the OPC Hockey sets from the 1970’s (70/71 through 79/80). I have completed most of the Topps sets from the 70’s and have a good amount of doubles left over, so if someone is looking to complete those sets, and has some OPC Hockey to trade, maybe we can help each other out.

I also have a large amount of 70’s Basketball left over from building my sets, so if someone is interested in trading 70’s Basketball for 70’s OPC Hockey, that could be a possibility too.

Right now, I have just started, so my wants/needs are too big to list here, but if any one has anything to trade, I can send you my needs. And, I’d also like to trade in as big a lot as possible.


RE: WTTF 70’s OPC Hockey
I have lots of OPC from the 70's to trade. I may be interested in some Topps hockey but I am more interested in pre 70 opc or Parkhurst or anything interesting. I am a big vintage Beehive collector and will always trade for those even if I already have them in my collection. Let me know what you have in Hockey, Baseball or non sport cards. I am sur we can help each other out.

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RE: WTTF 70’s OPC Hockey
Hey, I'm actually a baseball guy. But, I do have an '80-'81 OPC Ray Bourque rc BVG 9.5 gem mint if anyone's interested. I realize it's not '70's, but I figured I'd ask.

RE: WTTF 70’s OPC Hockey
Hi, thanks for the reply, but I do already have that Ray Borque. Thanks again.

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