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Panini Playbook Armory

Panini Playbook Armory
New to collecting hockey card and pulled this PANINI PLAYBOOK ARMORY numbered 28/50 of Milan Hejduk of the Colorado Avs. Cant find the value of this card anywhere, Beckett doesnt have information on it yet and there is only one listed on ebay but not sure if the listed price is accurate.

If anyone knows any info on this booklet please let me know, i'd appreciate it

Thanks guys.

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RE: Panini Playbook Armory
Product it to new, Beckett has not released pricing for this product yet.
[Image: 35754349162_ed852a8323.jpg]

Bucket: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123198232@N04/albums

RE: Panini Playbook Armory
Yeah thats what I was guessing, thanks for replying tho. Not bad for my first hit on my first pull.
Any Colorado or Armory collectors interested in a trade? I'm a LA Kings fan and collect Kings stuff so if anyone interested in working up a trade let me know.

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