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Pc questions

RE: Pc questions
Thanks everyone you helped me out a lot. I'm glad theres other collectors willing to help out.

RE: Pc questions
I used to collect anything Canucks. For me, I found it was just too broad, even though I miss it somewhat. So I narrowed down to my top three players, McLean, Bertuzzi and Scott Stevens (not a Canuck, but the baddest man ever to lace them up). I found this just allowed me to focus more money towards getting higher end cards.
I love, love, love breaking boxes, but never really pull anything PC, and I have fun selling them on fee bay, so that's what I do. I used to trade everything on here for Canucks stuff, which was a very efficient way to build up my collection. If I was still collecting a team, I'd recommend it!

Collecting Kirk McLean - Todd Bertuzzi - Scott Stevens
[Image: bbbert.png]

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