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Great job Panini

Great job Panini
I am not sure where to put this, so I will put it here. This may not be the biggest card anymore, but when it came out I'm sure it was quite popular. I put in my redemption for this card on April 18,2014. I received it yesterday. What card, you may ask?

2012 Panini Black Trent Richardson #/99.

I know, I know. This card isn't worth what it could be. This proves to me that Panini is on top of they're game, although I don't believe it myself.

Here's to hoping they come through on the rest of my redemptions, as one of this is a big time hit (to me anyways).

Good luck to everybody out there collecting!!

RE: Great job Panini
I submitted a Damontre Moore auto on 04/06. It says still pending so let's see how long it takes...
Looking for any and all New York Giants!
Thanks, Russ

RE: Great job Panini
Like any other company, I would think (hope?) that items they already have on hand will go out fairly quickly. That's still insanely fast on your redemption.

I've got three tickets in, totaling four cards, all of which are pending. But the oldest was only submitted on the 14th so I'm not nearly upset with them yet. Wink

RE: Great job Panini
I turned in a redemption for Topps rookie auto Bernard pierce and just got it two weeks ago. I pulled it his rookie year, now that was a long wait.

RE: Great job Panini
I've been waiting for 2 Rueben Randle Contenders autos, the first submitted 3/3/13, and the short print version since 6/4/13.
And seriously - I bought 3 packs of 2013 Crown Royale out of different boxes at the LCS and pulled a redemption card out of each one. 3 for 3...I cant tell you how impressed I was.
So lets just say I'm not the biggest Panini fan out there right now.
NY Giants and HOF/legend/superstar collector.
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RE: Great job Panini
Damn, thats some kind of luck, 3 for 3? I'd be pretty impressed too. Keep your hopes up, I still have 4 pending, 1 being a Totally Certified Adrian Peterson Prime patch #/10, if I get that I'll never buy Topps again. Am definantly impressed by a 10 day redemption return though.

RE: Great job Panini
still waiting on a bernard pierce i pulled from a box of 2012 finest i bought when it first came out. it all depends on the players. i am still waiting on a julio jones limited auto i pulled from a 2011 case of limited i bought when that first came out. i bought two cases recently of 2011 crown and all the redemptions have expired. so far. about 75% have been filled.

new updated bucket 12/16

RE: Great job Panini
wow long waits sorry guys
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RE: Great job Panini
That has got to be the quickest turnaround I've ever seen. I finally gave up on a 2011 Rookies and Stars Lance Kendricks. Still holding out hope for a 2011 National Treasures rookie auto...but it's been 3 years now...
Always interested in any Wisco alums I don't have.
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The Wisconsin Collection

RE: Great job Panini
I put in mine for a rod streater black auto back just before Christmas and got it at the end of March lol.. But I got it I guess that's all that counts
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Always looking for Charles Woodson RC, Daryle Lamonica, Tim Brown, Howie Long

Trading for Derek Carr and Rod Streater

(These are the main guys I collect)

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