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2013 playoff contenders blaster break

2013 playoff contenders blaster break
went down to the beach yesterday with the wife and the little one and stopped by the local target and decided to try my luck at a contenders box so heres the goods..

autograph:d.j. hayden

ROY Contender Tavon Austin
Draft Class Marquise Goodwin
Round Numbers Stedman Bailey/Markus Wheaton
TD Tandems Matt Stafford/Calvin Johnson

coulda done worse with the auto, but then again his auto on the card looks horrible. looks like all he signed was "D.J." and it looks like two loops lol. probably the worst looking auto i have ever seen. i think i had rather it be his full name and sloppy.

RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break
Not bad
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break

RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break
After reading about the contenders blasters, I snagged the last one at my local target, and out of the firSt pack came a redemption for rps le'veon bell playoff ticket variation /99. I pooped myself. I had bought a hobby box a day earlier and didn't get any big name autos but did get 6 autos instead of 5. Haven't checked to see if any of the autos are rare ssps, I don't believe they were all that bad but the fact I can't remember any of them are pretty bad...but Robert woods seems to be sticking out in my head. I've had amazing luck this year with autos out of blasters and retail packs in general. Hobby boxes as well but most of my decent hits have come from retail. I got another auto out a contenders blaster a few days ago of a undrafted rookie I think and bought 6 packs from the left side of a fresh box and snagged another rookie auto, noone special cause I can't think of the name as well. I'm gonna make a massive post of all the crazy cards I have pulled since November of last year. It's been wild

RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break
thats a nice hit, i pulled a Kenny Stills gold auto #/99 out of a topps strata blaster and a topps chrome retail rookie relic le'veon bell #/25 in a couple of blasters since the beginning of the year. i dont have a card shop anywhere around me so its either retail or buying singles online. i did however pull a RG3 artistry autograph out of sage #/100 before the 2012 season in a blaster (my best pull ever). sold it for $93 (bout half of book value). i just collect for the love of collecting. not into it to make any money or anything like that. just love collecting cool cards.

RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break
The contenders blasters are a guarantee of one auto per blaster...Smile ...nice pull on the Hayden ....kind of biased though...lol
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Collecting CURRENT Raiders....Carr, Mack, Bo, brown ++

RE: 2013 playoff contenders blaster break
yeah. i pulled it in the first pack lol. im a fan of his. anyone that can go through what he did playing football and to come back and be drafted gets my respect.

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