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Our Plans for the Spring Expo (Corner Booth #1205)

Our Plans for the Spring Expo (Corner Booth #1205)
It's Spring Expo time again!

Looking forward to seeing our friends and new faces as we'll be setting up at Corner Booth #1205 (look for the purple table cloths!).

Cards for Kids
It's become a tradition of ours at the Expo to collect donations of unwanted base cards and common jerseys which we'll team bag and give to kids at our show and other events. Plus we'll turn some into gift certificates so kids can pick out their own cards at the show.
  • Please donate recent (2005-current) hockey and baseball cards so that the kids can recognize the players
  • Unless you've broken a box at the Expo, please store them in regular card boxes
  • We're not going to ask you to collate Smile but please don't mix between sports and set (this way we can give kids team bags of cards from the same set)
  • Common jerseys will be used as giveaways at the show!

Wear It & WIN!
If you have a purple TorontoCardShow.com T-shirt, wear it at the EXPO!
  • If we spot you wearing it, you'll win gift certificates to spend at Toronto Card Show vendor booths and autographed memorabilia
  • Logo on shirt must be exposed and we have to spot you first Smile

Any updates will be posted here and we'll see you at the Expo!

RE: Our Plans for the Spring Expo (Corner Booth #1205)
Only 2 days!

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