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2 BOXES 2014 UD

RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD
NEED THE Lache auto!!! Interested in selling or trading? Here's my album, although I have a ton to add. Have some really nice Cordarelle Pattersons if those interest you.

I also like the Bortles and Clemson black & white /10 (for a friend)
I collect BAYLOR MEMORABILIA and SPORTS CARDS. Also RC QB autos and Redskins. My Album: http://sportscardalbum.com/u/Sensei322


RE: 2 BOXES 2014 UD
(04-20-2014, 08:47 AM)spazzyvol Wrote: I'm going to build a rookie authentics set. What did you pull? Would you trade them?
Just broke another box today. I will get you a list

As for the other requests in other posts
All my pack pulled rookie autos are 100%pc
And the stadium card was sold day 1.

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