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Josh Smith printing plate

Josh Smith printing plate
I was buying a bunch of cards from one seller and somehow managed to land this Josh Smith card for only $3. Either I got an incredible deal and was lucky to be the only bidder or printing plates from National Treasures really aren't worth very much. What do you think, did I get a deal or was the price about right?
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RE: Josh Smith printing plate
From what I have experienced, they do not have a lot of value. Panini put A LOT of plates in their NT product and it really ruined the value. Plates used to be somewhat desirable but now they seem extremely common. I have 7 Klay Thompon plates and each of them I bougth for under $15. To me $15 for a 1/1 seems really cheap. Each plate also has 4 variations. With just Klay alone, I have seen at least 5 different cards they did plates for. To me that just doesnt seem unique and special. It seems like anyone that wants to bid could buy one. When I think of a 1/1 I think it should be hard to obtain and I am the only person to have a card like that. With the plates, they are relatively easy to obtain. For example I just typed in Klay Thompson plate on Ebay and 7 different plates popped up. To me, that seems to easy.

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RE: Josh Smith printing plate
I have found that most people aren't interested in the plates, probably because so many were produced, but a lot of collectors don't like plates. I have been able to win some of my Tristan plates for around $5. and some I've had to pay over $30. In auction they sell under $10 but some sellers won't do auctions and want a premium because of the NT Brand and 1/1 stamp. I like plates, and I think it was a good deal, but I think you'll find it is pretty average for the plates to sell low in auction.
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