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Just got these in the last week. Looking to add a few more MJ JSY/MEM cards to the PC. The Kobe and McGrady are For Trade.

I'm thinking about going after the Missing Links set. Wish there was a little more red showing on the JSY Piece.
[Image: Scan_Pic0018_zpsf7554eab.jpg]

2003-04 Ultra Roundball LeBron. Think I'll send this one in for Grading.
[Image: Scan_Pic0005_zpsc3979d35.jpg]

This is the Gold Medallion. I already have one graded BGS 9 so this one will be For Trade. Only trading this one for MJ though.
[Image: Scan_Pic0007_zpsee004653.jpg]

2003-04 Ultra Leaps and Bounds Game Used
[Image: Scan_Pic0001_zps018f5477.jpg]

RE: Mailday
Awesome pickups!

RE: Mailday
Very nice! Cant go wrong with any of those guys!

RE: Mailday
Very nice!
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