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The Dr. Pepper patch was sweet, but this is amazing!

RE: The Dr. Pepper patch was sweet, but this is amazing!
(03-27-2014, 01:10 AM)spazmatastic Wrote: I've got to agree about Bass Pro Shops having one of the coolest logos in NASCAR. It really is a shame that Jason joined us NASCAR fans a few months too late to get the Austin Dillion RU sheet metal card I pulled from 2011 Fanfare with a nice chunk of the fish on it. Tongue
Awe...I'd have liked to had seen that. The Bass Pro sponsorship was the original reason I started collecting the Dillon brothers when I came over to NASCAR card collecting. My connection to Bass Pro goes back a long time.

Not sure, but most of you probably know the original Bass Pro Shop is here in Springfield, MO. And before the big expansion across the country in the late 90s - early 00s, it was the only Bass Pro Shop (other than a second small storefront in a tiny town south of here). Anyhow, my Aunt Terri started working for Bass Pro in 1984...earlier this month was her 30th anniversary of her start date. Back in the mid to late 80s, I was just a boy, but going to Bass Pro was always an adventure! Our store here is just amazing...and always has been!

Anyhow, back in the 80s and early 90s, my Aunt always took me and my brother the Bass Pro's annual employee picnic. And Bass Pro never does anything small. Even back in the 80s, these were grand events. The only time I've ever been up in a hot air balloon was at one of these picnics. They were always like small, private carnivals with games...sometimes rides...canoes and swimming in the river that ran beside the area...food, music, bingo...and the event that was always the big draw...the egg toss! Oh my gawd, those egg toss contests were amazing! Anyhow, all things a 6-12 year old boy can get lost in doing.

And when Johnny Morris got into NASCAR sponsorship, he really went full steam. I was just up by there last Sunday...there is a Featherlite in the parking lot with Tony and Ty standing proud in their Bass Pro firesuits. And quite often, there will be a car or two on display as well.

A few years back, Johnny started to hold a contest for his employees to send several of them (+1) to the Daytona 500...my Aunt was one of the winners the first year he did it. And she chose my freaking mother of all people as her +1!!! And then, when my mother suffered a heartattack a week before they were to leave, she took a friend instead! It would have been awesome to see Trevor Bayne win that 500 in person. And I would still be pissed about it...but it was my Aunt who fronted me the cash to pay for the card above...so I suppose I can let bygones be bygones. lol.

Well, there are several more stories, but now y'all know my connection to Bass Pro. It has had a presence in my family for 30 years now. So when I started to collect NASCAR cards...other than collecting my favorite local drivers...I started collecting the Dillon brothers. (Truex Jr and Tony Stewart...especially Tony...just aren't my cup o' tea). But a full Bass Pro patch on an autographed Jamie McMurray 1 of 1 card...well, that's about as good as it gets for me!

COLLECTING: St Louis Cardinals -- NASCAR: Jamie McMurray, Kyle Larson, Rusty Wallace, Austin & Ty Dillon -- KU Jayhawks in the Pros (NBA & NFL) -- Non-Sports

RE: The Dr. Pepper patch was sweet, but this is amazing!
I did know a little bit of your BPS story from our PM's but that is a lot more info. I had never heard of Bass Pro Shops until they sponsored a racecar AND opened a shop near me. I think the store is in Winston-Salem in NC, but not entirely sure. I do know that it is visible from I-40 heading west towards the mountains.

You might not want to see this Jason! Big Grin
Here is the scan of that Austin Dillion card.

[Image: FanfareADillon.jpg]

EDIT: That is a pretty blurry scan. Sorry, but I can't do any better since I don't have it anymore.

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