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Burned on the Bay....TWICE in same mailing day!

Burned on the Bay....TWICE in same mailing day!
So I was able to purchase a couple of Jeter RC's from different sellers on the fairly cheap, given what they seem to be going for. One was sent in almost the worst way possible. In top loader, packing tape closed at the top and without a penny sleeve. To top it all off it was sent in PWE with no additional protection. Needless to say, the card was stuck to the tape. Unreal! Fortunately he's going to refund upon return. Just waiting for his address since the return address label did not make the trip.

The next card was packaged better, top loader in penny sleeve surrounded by two pieces of cardboard and in a bubble mailer. However, this "Mint" and "Pristine" card had a bent corner that was not a result of the shipping process. Ugh!

A third set of Jeter RC's came as well and this guy knows how to properly promote and package the cards. Two separate top loaders with penny sleeves in a team bag, surrounded by two pieces of cardboard that were taped together in an appropriate envelope.

So much for trying to turn a quick profit. That's it for rant. Anyone else have similar problems before?
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RE: Burned on the Bay....TWICE in same mailing day!
I've never had that problem, but I bet its gotta be frustrating. It kinda sums up the lack of respect people have for each other these days.......
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RE: Burned on the Bay....TWICE in same mailing day!
Read my thread in the baseball forum...I just had 3 cards destroyed in one mailing day
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RE: Burned on the Bay....TWICE in same mailing day!
I had a trade a while back with approx 75 cards with bubble wrap and padded envelope. The trader told me that it even looked like someone opened it and just through the cards back in and even cracked the case. My fellow trader was polite about it and I am sending him some cards that I had extras of including a bonus card for his troubles. The POs are not doing a very good job either on there deliveries and shipments.
This frustates me more than them for I have all ways felt if you are not happy I will do what I can to make it right.
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