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Wanted Error cards Basketball

Wanted Error cards Basketball
Looking for error cards from late 80's early 90's Fleer, Hoops, Skybox. These are cards the Manufactures and Beckett have listed as errors. Hear is the list and specific error cards I need.

1989-90 Fleer #107 Gerald Wilkins-U of Tennessee on back.

1990-91 Fleer Dan Majerle- MVP 1988 on back.

1990-91 Hoops #249 Terry Porter- no NBA logo on back.

1990-91 Hoops #406 Danny Ferry- no position on front.

1990-91 Skybox #91 Dennis Rodman- logo on top right corner.

1990-91 Skybox #224 Kevin Johnson- logo on top right corner.

Last two listed look exactly like their Prototype cards. The error is no prototype logo on top left corner.

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