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Can't Wait For Opening DAY!!!!
03-18-2014, 08:02 AM
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Can't Wait For Opening DAY!!!!
After 10 years of living in Maryland I've finally decided to embrace the Orioles Magic! I've never really watched baseball as much as I do football, but this is the year. I'm going to watch tons of baseball and hope to catch as many O's games (as well as Tigers, when they're on) as I can. Plus I hope to get down to the yard at least 4 times this year. I know, a whole 4 times, but for me, that's a lot. Anyway, LET'S GO O's!

PC Card Totals:

Manny Machado - 395
Jonathan Schoop - 223
Chance Sisco - 11

Always looking for more of these guys! Let's trade!
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03-23-2014, 03:19 PM
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RE: Can't Wait For Opening DAY!!!!
Football is barely even a sport. Valid studies show each player is only actually moving around during a play for around five minutes per game--for only 16 games. (That's less than 1.5 hours per season.) You can't touch some of the players and can only hit others in certain places. Heck, they wear enough pads to not notice getting hit by a truck! Baseball takes endurance from players and fans.

I'd rather get hammered by a 275 linebacker than take a 100 mph fastball to the head any day.

I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.
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