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1997 Kenner SLU Kobe Bryant/Eddie Jones Extended Series Error?

1997 Kenner SLU Kobe Bryant/Eddie Jones Extended Series Error?
I just purchased on eBay a 1997 Extended Series Kobe Bryant. Kobe was not in the 1997 set at all. He was an Extended Edition in 1996 and was in '98 and up. Looking at other players in the set, I realized this was supposed to be Eddie Jones from the Lakers at that time. Eddie jones was in the 1997 Extended Edition Set and his jersey number is 6. Kobe's is 8. Well the Kobe Kenner I have has Kobe's number 8 and his name "Bryant" on the back of the jersey as well as a Hoops card of Kobe (which doesn't have the Kenner brand stamp on it). The Kobe I have is exactly the same figure as Eddie Jones and they both wear the Yellow Jerseys. I say that because Kobe's rookie SLU he was in purple. It's the same mold and pose. These two players did look alike at that time as well (same size, build).

What would the value of this be? It appears to be one of a kind as I never seen another and I knew he wasn't featured in this 1997 set. No site has any mentions of such an error and I can't find any.

I took a shot in the dark on this. I know people in the past have been heating the glue on the blister packs and altering figures and replying glue to them...

It has arrived. I still have questions about it. The name "Bryant" on the back seems legit but the jersey number on the front could be painted on. It reflects differently in light. His chin hair could be painted on but I can't tell well enough. The packaging could be opened and resealed but it could also be that it wasn't adhered well enough to begin with. One thing that bothers me for sure is the lack of sticker barcode on the lower bottom of the back of the SLU.

I sent the seller this message. Apparently he does mind as I haven't gotten a response.

"If this is legitimate then it seems to be one of a kind. I can't find anything on it. Do you have anymore info on it at all? It was never opened and resealed? I've heard they can be opened with a hair dryer loosening the glue, altered and resealed. A dealer told me that years ago, although I've never seen it done. Also, was the barcode sticker removed before you purchased this? Was it purchased by you in a retail store or dealer shop if you don't mind answering these questions?"

1) No barcode
2) No Starting Lineup stamp on the Hoops card inside
3) Was this opened and painted on

I also purchased the same year Eddie Jones for comparison. I posted a reply with images of that as well.

If you read this far I have a bit of more info to share. On a side note, I ghost hunt on the weekends. I have cameras that can see Ultraviolet and Infrared lights that I have. I used these lights on the figure. Smile

UV Light-
What possibly appears to be painted on the figure doesn't illuminate any differently. The glue to the package doesn't either. But, the "Laker, #8 on front and back, and Bryant" all appear the same under the light. No difference.

IR Light-
IR Light can see through things. So I figured I'll turn on this light and I'll see a #6 from Eddie Jones under the 'painted on #8' right? Nope. Still appears to be a #8. Same goes for the name and number on back. They barely appear visible under the light but equally the same transparency to the Laker stamp on the chest. Doesn't seem to be tampered with. Now for the chin hair... It completely disappears under IR light with the exception of one single black dot.

I did notice one more thing. The "Bryant" isn't arched and doesn't have the white background behind the purple letters. The Eddie Jones does.

Any help will be appreciated! Be sure to check my reply for other pictures.

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RE: 1997 Kenner SLU Kobe Bryant/Eddie Jones Extended Series Error?
Front image of Kobe and The rest are of Eddie Jones for comparison.

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RE: 1997 Kenner SLU Kobe Bryant/Eddie Jones Extended Series Error?
I was messaged by a user here and he says I probably have a custom figure here. I'm pretty much in agreement with that and I had an idea that could complete the 'customization' of this figure. I copied the barcode off the Eddie Jones figure from the '97 set and photoshopped K. Bryant on it, then I printed it on very similar sticker paper. Since it was made from the Eddie Jones mold, it made sense to use that barcode as well. The question is, should I stick it on?...

See attached image for barcode sticker.

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