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Tough Trivia Question, well maybe not

Tough Trivia Question, well maybe not
2003-04 Topps Darko Milicic Base Rookie cards, were all exchange cards, so just exactly how many are out there?

Anybody know?
the bucket


RE: Tough Trivia Question, well maybe not
no idea on the total redeemed (or if they printed only enough to satisfy the redeemed quantity) , but based on my own experience , i'd dare say there are FAAAAAR fewer than there are for ANY other rookie in the set (i broke 4-5 hobby boxes and TONS of blasters ....i pulled 5 darko redemptions but a MINIMUM of a dozen and as many as 20 of EVERY other card including rookies)
I collect almost anyone else with ties to the state of South Carolina (especially ANY SC Gamec0cks) , + most parallels and rare 90's inserts
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