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Night at the Auction

Night at the Auction
I go to an auction every Friday since moving to AZ about a month ago. I have been picking up items cheap (Hot wheels, Magazines, books) to relist on the Bay, but the few sports cards there are go way too high, and usually are ALL common cards. Tonight I found a flat that had sports cards in cases, viewed them and was happy to see All-Star/ HOF players. Bought the small box for DIRT CHEAP (helped that MJ was in the middle of the sets and no one knows the JK1 is a MJ card). Here are the "hits" (small $5-$15 BV):


Also these were the completed sets that were in the same flat:

I collect Penny (Anfernee) Hardaway, and my son collects Ty Lawson. Please let me know if you have anything rare of either player.

Photo Bucket = http://s1326.photobucket.com/user/bryandwells/library/

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