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Home all night! Let's trade EVERYONE!

Home all night! Let's trade EVERYONE!
Let's trade guys and gals! I'm tired of waiting I wanna trade I'm getting back to all offers ASAP! So let's go I'm ready to trade I've got a lot of stuff!

What I'm looking for:

~Paul Goldschmidt auto- BV $50 or less
~Tigers Cards- Anything rookies, autos, relics, ser.
~Relics/autos of old timers
~Brandon Phillips auto
~HOF relics and autos
~Zach Walters-Nationals Prospect
~any top prospects/stars/legends
~Vintage rookies or any rookies of star players
~Miguel Cabrera
~Justin Verlander
~2014 Topps Rookie Reprint black framed /199 for my set
~2013 Topps Finest- autos, auto relics, serial numbered
~2013 Jose Fernandez auto
~Nick Castellanos anything
~Jacob (Jake) Thompson- Detroit Tigers

And most importantly,
~¡¡What ever catches my eye!!

Thanks everyone let's get some trades done!
- Greg Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

RE: Home all night! Let's trade EVERYONE!
You need to change the condition of your modern cards from mint to nrmt, that's what the online price guide bases their pricing on. If you do that, then you'll be on the same page as most every other trader on here. All cards marked as mint, are priced at a premium, so it throws off the trading values.
Collect Andrew McCutchen, Roberto Clemente and most current/vintage Pirates. Some Braves Dynasty like Maddux, Klesko, Javy & Chipper.

[Image: cutchbanner.jpg]

RE: Home all night! Let's trade EVERYONE!
Plus 1 on that.

RE: Home all night! Let's trade EVERYONE!
I responded to your offer, lets just keep the offers to one trade, I keep getting confused
If you are going to ship in a plain white envelope, please let me know before shipping unless agreed upon beforehand.

If you do not have more than 25 trades, you are sending first! Or else,


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