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tetrad signature rookie cards

tetrad signature rookie cards
Hey guys, My 13 year old found a 1994 signature rookies cards of Allen Aldridge. On the front is says 1 of 45,000 and he added to his collection of 2700 cards but he likes to research them for value etc.
I can find nothing about the card except similar cards but the numbers only reach 7,500 or so.The back has an xxxi. Any ideas. Thanks.
Tetrad signature rookies cards.

RE: tetrad signature rookie cards
Here is the listing in the OPG I believe.


[Image: alanch-1.png]
-Banner Courtesy of rogue655-

Jim Leonhard Needs:
2005 Longevity Holofoil /25
2009 SPx Super Scripts Autographs Eight /8

Joel Effertz Needs:
2013 Bowman Draft Black Paper /1, Black Plate /1, Cyan Plate /1

RE: tetrad signature rookie cards
Thank you, that's exactly what was needed.

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