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DO you ever.....

RE: DO you ever.....
That's why I haven't bussted new product. I do the math and I would have to spend crazy money to pc a player. I go to Ebay and buy what I can and do my best to trade for PC. I started collecting football again during the NFC Championship. I picked Quinton Patton. I am getting close to 100 cards. I have 20 I think that are dupes. All rookies, Refractors, Inserts,Game-Used, and Autograph Cards. I like some of the other players on the team, but I don't want to break the bank.
(03-04-2014, 05:23 PM)branesergen Wrote: I agree with this. I've gone back to Peyton Manning stuff recently and its been fun again. When I get bored with it I pick up other pieces that excite me at the time, when I get bored with those I go back to Peyton, and when I'm bored with everything I stop buying for awhile until I get the itch again. Even if I absolutely love the card I have never been upset losing it. Always tell myself its money saved for the bigger, better one coming up lol What does upset me is when I don't even bid on a card I really wanted cuz I was sleeping or work got in the way!
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RE: DO you ever.....
it all moves in cycles. Most of the time you cannot beat the excitement of this hobby.

RE: DO you ever.....
It becomes less fun when its a card that you have to spend a lot of money on to own, and you really dont care about the card. When you become obligated to your PC. It definitely sucks.
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Let me know if you have any available.

RE: DO you ever.....
I told my wife after I snagged my PSA graded 1948 Bednarik : "well, that was my whale. I honestly don't care anymore."

Seriously. I've busted a few boxes, but honestly don't care for anything I've pulled.

However, I did get pumped when a 1/1 plate auto (2007 Limited) popped up on eBay....and was able to sell 3 cards I didn't care about REALLY quickly....and purchase the card I wanted. Wink

I feel you. I want a nice Beds, and nice UGA cards. Hate the UD sticker collegiate crap - I wish presspass had their license back and had logos.
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RE: DO you ever.....
Gadsden - think of it this way, it's money saved, time to move on to the next card(s) that are on your list. If you are down, just step back a bit and go over the tremendous collection you already have.

Heck you never know, perhaps you'll see that Wake #1/1 card again in the future for LESS?
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RE: DO you ever.....
(03-04-2014, 02:27 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: I was thinking kinda the same thing the other night! I thought about selling off my stuff then thought about the amount of work it would take!
Well sell 2 to me, quick and easy Smile

RE: DO you ever.....
Maybe you subconsciously knew you didn't need to spend the money? Or you knew (even though it's a 1/1) the price was a little high? That happens to me when I lose sometimes...more a sigh of relief than disappointment.

Couldn't hurt to go into passive mode... I usually binge on eBay, then fall back into passive collecting. I have e-mail alerts from ebay and other sites set to notify me when something I'm looking for or something new pops up...unless one of those are triggered, I don't actively look to add.

RE: DO you ever.....
Does this mean any JTs and ZTs you have lying around that I need are available? If so send me a list and I will throw an offer your way man. : )'

As for losing the 1/1 I know how it feels and it sucks. You are the biggest phins collector I know and if you are 1st you are definitely in the top 3. Id suggest taking a break on everything that doesnt excite you. Perhaps just sick with Wake and TTM PCs for a bit and see how you feel then. I would hate to see you take time off as you post many maildays I get jealous of lol.
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