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2014 Topps Yellow parallels FT
I currently have 15 Yellow parallels marked for trade if anybody is working on the set or looking for PC cards. Looking to trade for my own set and PC needs...most of which are marked as wanted, but not all, so feel free to send open offers or have me check you.

Thank You!
COLLECTING: St Louis Cardinals -- NASCAR: Jamie McMurray, Kyle Larson, Rusty Wallace, Austin & Ty Dillon -- KU Jayhawks in the Pros (NBA & NFL) -- Non-Sports
You don't happen to have a Verlander or Machado yellow do you? Also looking for Trout and Harper. I have a 2013 Topps Hosmer SP/Great Catch for trade.
PC Card Totals:

Manny Machado - 395
Jonathan Schoop - 223
Chance Sisco - 11

Always looking for more of these guys! Let's trade!

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