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Ok...I'm at a loss

Ok...I'm at a loss

I'm watching contenders un-numbered, non-variation, base autos of hot players sell in the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.
Then I watch the exact same players cards out of supreme, black, or five-star, sell for a fraction of what their contenders auto sold for. I won't even mention the eight player booklet autos that sell for less than one of the individual player's autos.

Help me understand people. I'd be tons more proud to show off the booklet with every 1st round QBs auto, numbered out of five, than I would the simple looking contenders auto with no number that came out of a box which cost half (or even a quarter) of the price of Treasures or exquisite.

Talk me down guys....lol!

RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
Contenders is a very popular mainstay brand and is a borderline cult product. More people buy and collect contenders IMO.
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RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
I totally agree...I'm pretty new to the card collecting, but some card costs seem totally insane compared to others. I'd rather have a 5 star booklet, or something like that, than a contenders auto...
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RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
Its the best selling product behind topps chrome.

For instance at our shop we may sell 3 or 4 boxes of black or triple threads...but well go through 2-3 case (36 boxes) of contenders....every single year
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RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
contenders is beast. Iconic card brand and tons of on cards autos. I understand the premium for these cards.

RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
I'm just not sure what that's based on. Say two Andrew Luck collectors were showing off their cards. One could show off a page of andrew luck contenders autos (since there are something like 550 of the base versions) and the other could pull out three */5 autos or a few printing plates. One difference is that one person has replaceable cards, which three random people at a given card shop also likely has, while the other has a literally irreplaceable collection. The one with the page of andrew luck autos also paid thousands more for his his page of identical cards while the other saved thousands.

I get that people view contenders as a staple and enjoy adding some to their collection year after year, however; I don't see how people shell out $1k as though it's the crown jewel of the collection. Kids can pull an Eddie Lacey auto out of a rack pack at wal mart for $4.99. I had to drop $180 on a box of Museum just for a shot at mine. How in the world do they sell at anywhere near the same price?

RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
There is the hope that another Peyton Manning or Tom Brady hot rookie card will pop up with Contenders. The chase is on every year. I gave up on this product a couple of years ago. After putting together every one of the 2008 class (minus Jed Collins SP), the resell value a couple of years later was horrendous.

There's a lot of speculation with Contenders. Yet most of these don't hold value a year or 2 later.

In addition, in the modern era, there are thousands of rookie autos of these players. If you want a rookie auto, you can get one.

Now, Contenders has numerous variations on the same card. If you truly want to have something unique, you have to go elsewhere.

I am partial to the unique, so I would lean towards the lower numbered card.

As to the booklets....I understand why those aren't as valuable. All it takes is a couple of the players to bust and then the value plummets. Plus, when limited to 5, that means you have to compete with all of the different fans of each player who has to have that card.

RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
That's why I don't jump on the Band Wagon and chase cards that are way over priced. I remember when Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Upper Deck # 1 rookie was selling for $1500 for Gem-MT. Now you can own one for $200.
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RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
You mean $20. You can now own that 89 Griffey rookie for not much more than $20.
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RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
(03-03-2014, 06:55 AM)mkufta Wrote: You mean $20. You can now own that 89 Griffey rookie for not much more than $20.
he said gem mint like BGS 9.5

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