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Ok...I'm at a loss

RE: Ok...I'm at a loss
(03-05-2014, 12:36 PM)GnC_Fricker Wrote: Missed the entire point. I understand branding which is exactly why I pointed at Sony as an example. Branding and advertising overriding the collectors prefrontal cortex is what I questioned. People spending a grand on a card defiantly takes them out of the unsuspecting novice collector category and I'm surprised a true collector would bleed money for a bad investment based simply on the "everyone else is doing it" branding argument.

I actually don't mind the set. I start minding it when a mediocre quality presentation starts hurting the investment value of newer sets which possess some pretty impressive, and attractive, design ideas.

I didn't say contenders didn't have a long history and wasn't branded well. I said it can't even begin to compare to some of the higher end sets as far as quality, originality, or limited availability, yet; somehow is valued more because it has the "Nike Swoosh" contenders name.

Blind homage to middling quality hurts collecting because the newer card sets will have no reason to dedicate money to higher quality if people are willing to pay for cards that look like something from score but with more autos.

I'm just expressing my opinions by the way. From your "sigh..." I'm to assume you have taken something I have said as personal to you?

You're correct about the Proline, I'd always thought that was a ProSet brand. my mistake.
As they say, "this +1". Companies need to continue to improve quality and when they know that we will buy no matter what, then there is zero incentive to do better.

I busted a box of 2012 Contenders. I got 6 autos and a cracked ice card of someone like Benjarvis Green-Ellis. I was not a fan of any of the pulls. I listed individually and sold all 6 and the cracked ice for a combined $22, not including fees. The $100+ i paid at the LCS could have saved me a lot of time if i had simply spent it on one of those unique cards that were not branded. I would have been more satisfied.

If i had pulled a Luck or RGIII, i probably would have sold it any way to put more money back into my collection. So, i admit not being in love with this product.


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