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LTTF Base Cards - Verlander, Machado, Trout and Harper

LTTF Base Cards - Verlander, Machado, Trout and Harper
First off, after about a year away, I'm back. Secondly I've decided that I needed to identify what type of collector I am. For now, that means I'm a low-end collector. When I can get something cool I might get it, but I can't afford to get some of the great cards that some of you have. So, I'm going to set collect low-end and pc collect base cards. For now I'd like to focus on four players. I want to go through each year these players have been playing and collect their base cards. Eventually, I'll work up to parrallels, inserts, relics, etc. So, who wants to trade?
PC Card Totals:

Manny Machado - 395
Jonathan Schoop - 223
Chance Sisco - 11

Always looking for more of these guys! Let's trade!

RE: LTTF Base Cards - Verlander, Machado and Harper
Offer sent - mostly Verlander and a Harper but I have a lot more base if interested.

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