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I started collecting Marino in 1996 but knew of him and kept his cards on the side since 1990-1992. I cant remember exactly when since I would have been 6-8 in those years. I do know for sure when I was 12 I bought a 64 card holder booklet one for Marino and one for Elway and after no time I said forget the Elways and that I needed more Marinos. From that point on I bought some random stuff and even some good stuff but Marino was the only thing I really cared about collecting. My obsession with JT and ZT didnt happen until 2006-2007 and my "team" collecting didnt start until just a few years ago.
Unique Cards:
Dolphins - 6000+
Marino - 2140
Zach Thomas - 869
Jason Taylor - 749
Lamar Miller - 341

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