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1st fantasy baseball draft recap... How did I do?
I had the 10th pick so did the best with what I had. I'm pretty satisfied there are a couple position that could use work but I have a quality of core players and a great starting rotation... Would of liked to have a quality closer but any way here it is.



1. 2013 Nolan Arenado Topps Chrome RC refractor (all colors)
2. 2012 Bryce Harper Topps Chrome RC refractor (all colors)
3. 2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Chrome RC refractor (all colors)
4. 2018 Rafeal Devers Topps Chrome RC refractor (all colors)

I definitely would have grabbed Tulo at the turn there. Probably would have gone with Prince/Jones/Longo/Kershaw over Harper as well, but can't fault you considering you're a fan. I think Bryce will put together a year to back up some of his hype this season.

A lot of question marks/injury concerns on offense there bud. If your oldies return to prior form, and the young guys progress it should be pretty potent though.

Didn't Sano just get tanked for the year?

PC Players: Alex Bregman and Christian Yelich. Looking for any and every I don't have.
Other Players: Luis Ortiz Jr., Rowdy Tellez, Touki Toussaint

Hey man...you did great! (other than Sano). I really like your team, esp. the Harper, Myers, Puig outfield. Good luck. I think I would enjoy this but I really don't have the time to devote to it as I should.

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