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2010 Heritage advertising panels

2010 Heritage advertising panels
Anyone collecting these types of Topps Heritage advertising panels?

[Image: 2010Adpanel_zpsae394f75.jpg]

Are they in price guides?

RE: 2010 Heritage advertising panels
I don't collect them but yes they are listed in beckett.
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
Collecting Detroit Tigers, HOFers, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark and Juan Soto

**If you are not able use one penny sleeve per card when shipping your trades do not bother sending me any trade offers.**


RE: 2010 Heritage advertising panels
Sorry to hijack this thread but here is a pic of the dumars fusion card. The top is not that bad but the camera phone makes it look worse. The concern is on the gold foil on the left edge. There is a little white from the chipping.

[Image: 20140223_192140_zpsx2weuvx0.jpg]

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