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Cards For Trade... Added a Few / Traded A Few (Updated Monday)
Looking for specific needs to help me fill or complete some sets. Looking for 2013 Bowman Chrome (High End) autos , also looking for 2011 Platinum, 2013 Platinum and 2013 Topps chrome autos... Open to all offers. Thanks

Cabrera has found a new home Smile


[Image: _57_zpsedeaa0a1.jpg]

Leaf Dominic Smith Pure Glass Auto #/5
Dominic Smith photo DominicSmith_zpsc22c2c39.jpg

[Image: MarkAppel_zps684b7473.jpg]
[Image: _57_zps4b124976.jpg]

(Not the Actual Card)
[Image: Puig_zpsd83472b7.jpg]

[Image: JocPeterson_zpsa4469764.jpg]

[Image: KohlStewart_zpsc8f0e1f8.jpg]

In Hand;

[Image: EPSON110-1_zpsaqq8siuk.jpg]

[Image: Cabrera_zpsdf009b58.jpg]

[Image: EPSON109-1_zps1oenbucy.jpg]

[Image: EPSON069-1_zpsukf7nmjd.jpg]

[Image: EPSON045-1_zps4kglcgrt.jpg]

[Image: EPSON038-1_zpsceijxd34.jpg]

[Image: EPSON108-1_zpsrla9onrg.jpg]

[Image: Zunino_zpscca52a14.jpg]

[Image: Puig_zpsmdn6mdvn.jpg]
check me for the zunino and darvish please
Sick cards man! I'll definitely hit you up if I run across any of your set needs
(sig courtesy of jbel4331)
[Image: sdh5p0.png]
2013 Bowman Inception Base Auto - 56/62 -90.3%
2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary(Series 1 & 2) - 383/709 -54%
2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary (Series 1 & 2) - 371/709 -52.3%
2014 Topps 1989 Die Cuts - 119/150 - 79.3%
I am drooling over those cards!! Lol
You have really nice cards FT this makes me regret selling so many of my sports cards on the bay and to card sharks the Nick Castellanos auto is unbelievable. Wow.

[Image: sgttranski_zpsea3fa47c.jpg]
New Additions / Subtractions Bump
sent u another offer. lmk. thankls
(02-23-2014, 11:50 AM)snappyjoe75 Wrote: sent u another offer. lmk. thankls
Hey Joe... Reply sent... Thanks
Sunday Bump
Open offer coming your way Smile

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