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How close did you come to playing MLB?

RE: How close did you come to playing MLB?
You may have seen this before but it is relevant again...

Orel Hershiser and I could have been twins in our 20's. I gave my wife several cards of Orel and told her this way she can remember me when I am gone.

RE: How close did you come to playing MLB?
Never made it far in baseball, another sport however I took pretty far. I have played in a few competitive men's baseball leagues over the past few years, unfortunately, no summer league this year due to Covid. There are a bunch of guys in the league who had played at some level in the minors and a few with at least one major league at-bat or pitcher appearance.
I collect Allen & Ginter, Aroldis Chapman, Yoan Moncada, and Cuban Players!

RE: How close did you come to playing MLB?
My highlight on the diamond came playing intermural softball while in law school - playing on a team (The Tortfeasors) that had not won a game in over 2 years (it was my 1L year, but there were some 3Ls on it), I came up with the bases loaded and two outs in the last inning with us down by 1 or 2 runs. I hit the ball hard past all of the outfielders and went to first base and just stood on the base as the winning run scored.

My low light on the diamond came when I played almost an entire season of Babe Ruth baseball with old glasses - I didn't get a single hit all year until I got new glasses - the first game with new glasses I went 2 for 3. Amazing how much better I played when I could actually see the ball.

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