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Everything FS

Everything FS
Some unexpected bills came up and am in a really tight spot. Please check out my ORG and post here or send an offer and I will give a price. I'm selling it all. Hoping I don't have to get out of the hobby, just looking to sell everything, take care of the financial situation and start the collection back up! Thanks guys!

RE: Everything FS
Don't get rid of your PC...Some will be hard to get back....You can always buy trade bait....I sent you a comment in our trade....I hope I can help you out.
[Image: rm1_zpsecc24267.jpg]

RE: Everything FS
how do I look at the ORG??

RE: Everything FS
How much for the Gattis Topps Chrome cards? Sepia, Gold, etc
Always interested in low #d parallel cards. Also collecting Mookie Wilson, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

[Image: tHxLj.png]

RE: Everything FS
Hard to view your cards from my phone. What do u have for Nolan ryans?
[Image: oP0Yj4j.png]

Thanks jbel4331 for the sick sig!

2013 Gypsy queen framed mini relics 47/74
2013 Gypsy queen base and regular mini sets.

PC Players:
Nolan Ryan
Evan Gattis

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