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Need a new set to collect, help

Need a new set to collect, help
So as of right now i mostly collect baseball cards but i am looking for a few new sets to start collecting, i'd like them to be nfl, nba, or nhl sets that are new/newer. I'm not looking for the super-high end type sets. And i'd really like them to be popular sets that most of you have so i can trade. So please give me some suggestions, i'm also open to baseball but you'll understand why i'd rather have other sports when you read my list of sets i currently am collecting... Here's the list i currently am adding to..

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter's
2012 Topps Heritage
2013 Bowman
2013 Bowman Chrome
2013 Bowman Platinum
2013 Gypsy Queen
2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's (have base. so any card i don't have i want)
2013 Topps Chrome
2013 Topps Heritage Major

2012-13 Panini Past & Present

2013 Bowman
2013 Topps Chrome
2013 Topps

RE: Need a new set to collect, help
Panini Prizm for all sports are nice and moderate price. They have a bunch of parallels and look good. That's my fav. set..

RE: Need a new set to collect, help
I kinda have to agree. Prizm is the best-looking set (MLB & NFL) I have seen in quite a few years (outside of some Press Pass NASCAR releases).
I really like the Prizm set in both sports. I don't collect NBA/NHL anymore so I don't have any info for those sports.
Oh yeah, stay away from Topps Strata!!! The cards look nice, but the collation is horrible and the product is basically garbage.
Always looking for: Ozzie Smith/Stan Musial/Lou Brock/STL Cardinals, NFL-CAR/GB/NE and NASCAR-Jimmie Johnson/Mark Martin
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