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BVG Serial numbers do not match Beckett Website?

RE: BVG Serial numbers do not match Beckett Website?
(09-04-2021, 10:29 AM)schuld66 Wrote: I noticed that sports cards have been doing well as of late, so I took a look through some of my older cards. I dug out my BVG graded 7.5 NM+ Lew Alcindor 1970-71 Topps tall boy to see what it might go for. To my surprise, that same BVG graded card was selling quite well. So I decided to sell it. I listed it on ebay and wondered if there was a way to look up the serial number on Beckett's site. When I did, it was not found, so I started searching the internet to see if anyone else had this issue, which brought me to this thread. I immediately ended the ebay listing to avoid the same problem the original poster of this thread had. To be honest, I don't even remember when I sent the card in for grading, but the grading portion at the top of the slab is different than what was mentioned here. The grading tag is copper colored, and it has 4 sub-grades and serial number on the front. The back just shows "Beckett.com".

I called Beckett Grading Services and spoke with someone who told me the exact same thing as is stated in this thread. They instructed me to contact the customer rep for my area, so I emailed him and he has been very helpful. After explaining the situation, he emailed me a pre-paid Fedex label to send the card in for new casing and serial number at no charge. He also sent a submission form and told me to write "Re-case BCCG only -- Needs new serial number -- No charge" on the form. I added his name on the form and am going to send it in today. I was told the entire process should take about 3-4 weeks. I hope that is true because the value of my card is high right now, but that could change.

I've attached a few photos:

[Image: IMG-6144.jpg]

[Image: IMG-6145.jpg]

[Image: IMG-6146.jpg]


UPDATE: I sent the card in for a new serial number and received it back with a new case, but the same old serial number that STILL is not in the database. I have been working with the Midwest Backett Grading Rep, but the problem is STILL not fixed. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

RE: BVG Serial numbers do not match Beckett Website?
I emailed with detailed info and pics in May 2021. I had similar BVG issue and several completely inaccurate BGS slab online descriptions. Five concerns in total and I am STILL waiting to be helped. I have been shuffled around to different CS reps but nothing but "we'll get back to you very soon." I have provided pics and I almost 100% certain nothing is fraudulent about any slabs, as it seems to be just registry issues... i.e. card title completely missing or no overall grade and correct sub grades kinda stuff.
AFA the BVG slab... as with yours it seems to be one of the very first BVG cards graded. Mine has silver flip with barcode and subs on back. The registry number is VERY low. Nothing at all comes up online so I'd guess this was one of the "lost" slab records.
I know your still working to get yours fixed, but any suggestions?

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