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Elway 1998 Black Diamond Quadruple Cut Horizontal

Elway 1998 Black Diamond Quadruple Cut Horizontal
Okay, this is a prayer. This is the one card that I've wanted but has eluded me for years. I haven't seen one anywhere in about three years. Does anyone on this board have one or know someone who does have it? If so, would you be willing to trade or sell it?

Always looking for Elway cards. Especially hard to find parallels and inserts from the '90s, i.e., any Leaf Mirror card or Donruss Elite parallel

RE: Elway 1998 Black Diamond Quadruple Cut Horizontal
Best of luck. I'm not picking up the Marino, it has the same photo as the 98 SPX Finite Authentics Auto, which is a pet peeve of mine. LOL.
Quick heads up, although stated production was only 10 released in packs, I know at least 15 counts of Marinos being back-doored through the company.
Trying to finish these sets:
1999 SPX Radiance /100
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Leaf Piece of the Game Preview 4th Down
2008 Premier NFL Equipment /25

Let me know if you have any available.

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