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So COMC.com is awesome

RE: So COMC.com is awesome
(11-26-2013, 10:04 AM)y2hood Wrote: What a fabulous collection idea. I'm probably halfway there for the Saints run. hmm....
Yeah, it's been a lot of fun so far Smile Just expensive, since a lot of guys are highly collected/deceased/HOF, especially for the 66/67 SBs, Favre, Rodgers, etc

RE: So COMC.com is awesome
I snag 264/s all the time.

RE: So COMC.com is awesome
I recently discovered COMC.com and was blown away. I only collect ES22 BGS 9.5's or better (no 10's......yet......) and ebay is my primary source, but prices can get out of hand quick. Few days ago stumbled across the site with a google search for Emmitt Smith BGS 9.5 and saw a few on there, then did a double take at some of the rather low prices for what the cards were. Picked up three today for well under $90 with two of them being the only 9.5 graded cards around. Can't beat that! Then I started browsing the non-graded collections, and was REALLY impressed with the quality of scans for the cards. I think I'll be adding to my collection now by buying and submitting on my own, especially if their customer service holds up as you guys have stated and returns if you're not satisfied are easy.

RE: So COMC.com is awesome
I live in Australia and can all the cards I like from COMC and the postage is $3.00.
Hard to believe, best site around for buyers.

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