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Marinocollector's Sam Madison PC
Well, I started collecting Sam Madison a few years ago... really wish I collected him instead of Isaac Bruce heavy in the early 2000's now.... but I didn't... Its been fun picking stuff up of his.... some of it cheap.... some of it quite pricey...
Still kicking myself for passing on a PMG Green...
Always looking to add more.... especially if someone has a Jason Taylor/ Sam Madison dual jersey from Authentix or a 94 Louisville Team issue.
I have 112/174 cards of him in Fins/college uni... 14 of the missing are 1/1s.

[Image: sam1.jpg]
[Image: sam02.jpg]
[Image: sam03.jpg]
[Image: sam04.jpg]
[Image: sam05.jpg]
[Image: sam06.jpg]
[Image: sam07.jpg]
[Image: sam08.jpg]
[Image: sam09.jpg]
[Image: sam10.jpg]
[Image: sam11.jpg]
[Image: sam12.jpg]
[Image: sam13.jpg]
Trying to finish these sets:
1999 SPX Radiance /100
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Leaf Piece of the Game Preview 4th Down
2008 Premier NFL Equipment /25

Let me know if you have any available.
very nice!

PC - Dolphins, Daniel Thomas, Parker, Ajayi, Jordan, Landry & Phins 1/1's

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