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Latest football pickups

Latest football pickups
Just wanted to show off some of the stuff I've picked up recently
Will put some of it up FT when I have more time

[Image: Scan47_zpsca7075f5.jpeg]

[Image: d9918119-1b3f-4c64-b7de-1aa0bcb6d699_zps3c69ee18.jpg]

[Image: acbffca7-b7f9-4063-9c9e-2e936a1383cd_zpsfbc5f357.jpg]

RE: Latest football pickups
Sick Rodgers Contenders!
Collecting Bruins, Jon Papelbon, Patriots

[Image: Stockinsert.jpg]

RE: Latest football pickups
nice Rodgers man.
If you have less than 15 successful trades here on Beckett, you will have to send first.
[Image: yyIxU.png]
Always looking for any Seahawks, especially Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and Beastmode!

RE: Latest football pickups
is that ward gunna be FT?

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