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Poll: Do you upload a picture to beckett once you get it or add it to the organize?
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3 15.00%
8 40.00%
I don't know how
0 0%
Its a waste of my time!
9 45.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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Beckett Photo Uploads

RE: Beckett Photo Uploads
(11-06-2013, 05:39 AM)jacobystealshome Wrote: you are absolutely and completely wasting your time if you are uploading pics. there is no one to to approve them, and hasnt been for a long time
What he said, and .....CONGRATS RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Beckett Photo Uploads
(11-06-2013, 03:32 PM)hempick Wrote: Honestly, I would love to upload a picture of each of my cards, but it would just take way too much time.
My suggestion to Beckett is to automatically scan all graded cards into the registry and email graded cards to the submitter for their records. This would be a great help to any collector to have for their files and to have a high resolution pic to use if trading or selling.

RE: Beckett Photo Uploads
Well with the update this sorta makes me "feel some kind of way" that I can't upload my pics! Yet I have been uploading to the BGS registry as they come in! :p
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RE: Beckett Photo Uploads
I wouldn't mind doing it, but the few I scanned in were never used...got better uses of my time, and other places I can show my stuff :p
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RE: Beckett Photo Uploads
I never had a scan used, so I stopped sending them in. If they aren't accepting them, as some say, don't give us the option to send them in.
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