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looking for Puig

looking for Puig
I decided to go with my investment I'm not looking for any thing good just base Rookie cards the common stuff no autos or anything like thatbecause I cant afford any thing like that I'm am just looking for base and inserts from this year nothing to big like SPs I will just try and get lucky on those by buying packs and stuff. Im looking at the Alien and Ginter Puig at the moment so feel free to hit me up with offers I will accept cash offers for your puigs if any are for trade or sale I can only afford up to five dollar puig cards if there is one I will put my collection up for public viewing on here so I will also be attened a sports card show in cConcord not selling just getting some cards graded because Beckett will be there My LCS handed out a flyer when I went there

RE: looking for Puig
Pm sent
[Image: Untitled.jpg]


Huge cowboys fan! Collecting all cowboys autos, and Main rookies of football and baseball and Game used..

RE: looking for Puig
I have one that is marked FT, you can send an offer if you'd like.
[Image: ce8f6545-0bdb-49f7-be76-b13239e656d6_zps6d8f6973.png]

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