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Topps Prime Auto Question

Topps Prime Auto Question
Hello all. Please forgive my ignorance as I don't buy a lot of football, but I picked up a few Topps Prime hobby packs today and pulled an auto of Knile Davis. It is serial numbered to 250, but upon looking through the Beckett database, I'm not finding any autos in the set serial numbered to 250.

My question is, is this just a base auto and Beckett doesn't have the serial number listed...as there is a base auto listed with no serial number...OR, is the version I pulled just not listed yet as it looks like this is a pretty new product.

Thank you for any help on this.

Be Well,
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RE: Topps Prime Auto Question
have not bought any prime this year yet, but i have a pile of about 80 cards from 2013 and 2012 that beckett does not have in the database of other sets. so my guess is they do not have it entered yet.

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