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My HOF Auto PC Hits 100 Cards! (Scans)

RE: My HOF Auto PC Hits 100 Cards! (Scans)
I have another PC that has most of the next wave of players who will get inducted, so I'll move them over when they do, but yeah, my rule is gotta be in the HOF and only 1 auto per person.

Thanks for the nice words everyone!

(10-06-2013, 03:37 PM)hongkongfooey Wrote: very nice! are you collecting them only after they are inducted or picking up ones you know are a lock when you can?
Trading for cut autos of baseball HOFers, autos of current and future Cleveland Indians (esp. B. Bradley, N. Jones, Kluber, Lindor, Mejia & Zimmer) & autos of Cleveland Browns. Top PC Wants: Brett Favre auto.

RE: My HOF Auto PC Hits 100 Cards! (Scans)
Great collection. Makes me thinking on concentrating on HOF autos. I've been mainly concentrating on just AUTOS.

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