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Your Opinion Needed

Your Opinion Needed
Hey guys. I need your help here. I used to collect Basketball mostly but after everything went Panini I switched to Baseball. Not hating on them, just don't love them. I loved the Upper Deck high end items (completed the 2008-09 Exquisite Collection) and SP Authentic Brand as well as SPX.

My question to you is what would be considered the "best" for next year? I think National Treasures may be what I'm looking for but I've been out of Basketball for so long I really don't know. I'm wanting to buy a couple cases of whatever is the ultra high end stuff for NEXT year much like the Exquisite was the best back in 08-09. I want to make sure it has all the 2014 Draft guys in it with signed patch rookies etc.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated. I am still loading all my stuff into Org (have about 20 Five Thousand Count boxes to go LOL) so if you're into trading I'll have some items listed as well as more to come soon. Mostly collecting Baseball Bowman 2013 right now but since I love basketball I'm most likely going to start coming back sooner rather than later. Thanks all and I look forward to the responses.

RE: Your Opinion Needed
They still make Exquisite...it's just college jerseys now, which turns most people off, though I still think it's a better-looking product.

NT is definitely Panini's flagship and if you buy a couple cases you're pretty much guaranteed some sweet RPAs, tons of 1/1 plates and other assorted goodies.

As far as trading is concerned, if you have any Mitch Richmonds I've got dibs! Welcome back to the basketball side of things Smile
I collect Michael Jordan, Mitch Richmond, and Ohio State players (football and basketball) in OSU gear. I strongly prefer 90's-era cards and use newer cards primarily for trade bait!

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RE: Your Opinion Needed
Yeah, I vote for National Treasures...it has got to be my favorite product year after year. I always spend alot on it when arrives, whether its singles or autos or GU.

RE: Your Opinion Needed
Give Flawless or Immaculate a run if you want ultra high-end.

I am typically a fast shipper and I ALWAYS use Delivery confirmation. Sometimes I forget to provide the number.

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